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Sep 25, 2012 9:00am EDT
of massachusetts, mitt romney, was on the board. and then send me a letter saying, michael brown is nodding his head, sent me a letter saying, with 49 other, 40 other governors, we should continue this. this is important. so i called him and i was out of the white house and i said governor, i love city year. that's what americorps is all about. i hope you'll help me save it. and he urged the republican congress to continue to support city year, and he urged the white house to do it. and they did. i just visited a city year program in south africa, johannesburg, where the youth unemployment rate exceeds 40%, but 80% of the city year volunteers in johannesburg had a job that day they leave city year. so it turns out to be good economics as well as good for the society. all of you should know that, and i wanted you to know what. and, governor, i thank you for being here. the podium is yours. [applause] >> thank you, mr. president. it's an honor to be here this morning. and i appreciate your kind words, and that introduction is very touching. if there's one thing we've learned in this election seas
Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
by connie schultz who is married to jerry brown, who said that conversation happened in the brown campaign. i suspect it is happening in many campaigns, and i think that there is so much fact checking going on, not just with our for organizations, but with many others around the country. we have partners in 11 states. there are many newspapers and websites around the country that are doing their own fact checking. there's a lot of eyes out there, and so i think that's having an impact. >> if things are that closely vetted and mold over before their set, especially speeches like except the speeches at the convention, when they come out and repeat things that they know are going to be fact checked again, that suggests there is no price, that they conclude, or that the price is so small that they are willing to suffer whatever it is. >> i think it's too what i was saying, there may be a price but it's balanced against the fact that that is poll tested effective line, that moves voters. so you do a cost benefit analysis like everything in life, the benefits of their completely outweigh the cos
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
turned out in huge numbers for jerry brown who did little to win the election. >> we could easily be having this conversation about the left but to totally change. as you were saying when you're talking about why obama is likely to drop 43% of white even slightly lower, but republicans have set themself a hurdle that is so high by allowing them 80% of the growing population the share that you have to win becomes reagan and its hard to match the greatest lancelet of modern times every four years. >> to follow on that point, you know, looking at the report and looking at the growth of the minority voters will, you can't just assume because there is a growth that these are space debate could democratic votes in the african-american republican gets very few african-american votes that is not true with respect to the to hispanic republicans and i think it is a longer term for the republican party because it is hard to learn about the primary electorate in the short run but if in the long run the republicans can get themselves right on emigration i actually there's every reason to belie
Sep 27, 2012 12:00pm EDT
unfit or have a criminal record. that's not good enough. -- went pick a brown v. board and i said there i said for years, i think this is the bill of rights issue of our generation. i'm convinced the byline of our country is not race, not class around educational opportunity. and if we're serious about closing achievement gaps behave to close opportunity gaps. i don't think we have anything near this sense of urgency and commitment to close the gaps we fled as a country. all of those things propel us act. they provide extraordinary leadership on had. congress despite the current dysfunction in the past has been supportive. we have to work on it together. we need to get our country in a different place. how do we get there? we talk about career agenda we have to start with early childhood education. i can make a compelling case. that's the best investment. if we can get the babies in to kindergarten at 5. we start to close the achievement gaps and close the opportunity gap. we don't do that we are playing catchup. we play catch up at every level. the investment is so important. in
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
the course of two years. tom hendricks who since moved on and steve brown for tremendous work. literally, hundreds of volunteers working in work groups and task groups led by rtca with margaret jenni, and i want to thank everybody for the help over the years. just as the members are engaged in our work, we've been very pleased with the knowledge and level of engagement by acting administrator, first serving as the faa deputy administrator, mike call's become more, not less active in the work since being elevated to the role of acting administrator. with michael at the helm, his interests, and working closely with the community, i'm confident in the ability to overcome barriers to implementing next generation. you commented about succession planning, and i'm pleased with my chairmanmanship sunsetting, and i'll remain on the committee, bill ayer, chairman of the alaska air group, and bill's been formally leading the alaska air group as chairman and ceo, an experienced aveuater, is taking over the chairmanmanship on a go-forward basis passing the baton at wright patterson air force base her
Sep 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
their up by five points. this is the distance of the averages and similar to ron brown in the heartland monitor which we will talk about leader. the overall top line of 5143 and the break out for race. look at the black margin. 91 points. that is identical with the obama margin in 2008. seventy-three 22 among hispanics a 50 point margin seems like a lot and is a lot but not far off most other -- averaging 45 points margin for barack obama over the last three or four months. that means the idea that obama could get 80% of the minority vote is quite -- based on these and other data. that looks like what he is going to get to. if he doesn't get 80 people get 78 or 79 and at the bottom the breakout for college graduates and some college or less working class and as you can see on the right-hand figures of likely voters obama according to these is doing better among white college graduate voters than he did in 2008. two point margin closer to four points again and in the some college or less group losing by 13 points which is somewhat better than he did in 2008 when he lost by 18 so remember
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6